Course Recommendations - 1

Best Udemy Course for Linux/Shell Scripting

  • In this course recommendation series, I have attempted to describe the importance of Linux and Shell Scripting, as well as provided various course recommendations to learn it.

  • If you are striving to build a career in DevOps & Full Stack Development, you must have knowledge of Linux commands and Shell scripting.

  • Someone who is familiar with Linux and shell scripting will always have a higher level of confidence at work and will be able to automate a lot of the repetitive activities they do each day.

  • Since my current job as Cloud Engineer has taught me to read, write, and interpret shell scripts, I have taken a lot of online courses in Udemy and some YouTube videos too. Udemy has an organized system and I recommend you people start there.

Here are the best courses for learning Linux and Shell Scripting:

  1. Instructor - Narendra P

    Course Link:

  2. Instructor - Richard Böhm

    Course Link -

  3. Instructor - Colt Steele

    Course Link -

  4. Instructor - Jason Cannon

    Course Link -

    Note: The instructor Jason Cannon, offers a number of Linux and Shell Scripting courses. Check the course syllabus for each to determine the most suited to your training needs.

Regardless of your preference, I would personally recommend Narendra's Course for its extensive explanations, and after you complete this course try out Richard Bohm (or) Colt Steele's Course to become very comfortable with Linux/Shell Scripting.

You must practice, practice, and practice to master Linux/Shell scripting. Good luck, and I'll see you at the next recommendation.

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